Modern Dog Board

DIY Dog Wash

Great for dogs big and small, our self-service dog washing station is a quick and easy way to groom your dog without the mess of doing it in your own home. We offer 3 state of the art tubs, along with a great selection shampoos, and an area to dry and brush your dog. Over 1,800 washes and counting!

How it works:

  1. Choose a service:
    • The Ashmont $6 – This is our simplest wash offered. It is perfect for the wintertime when you want to remove excess salt and snow from your dog’s underbelly and paws. Spray undercarriage, towel dry, and spray cologne for scent.
    • The Big Papi $16 – This service is your basic dog wash. We provide you with shampoo, a towel and dryer, along with a brush, comb, and cologne to keep your dog smelling fresh throughout the week.
    • The Boston Strong $22 – This is our Big Papi and more!  Your dog also receives eye/ear wipes, and a bandana. $1 of each wash will be donated to The One Fund.
  2. Wash your dog!
    • Regardless of the service you choose, we will assist you in getting you and your dog situated in our tubs for an easy and safe experience. We will lead your dog up the ramp into the tub, secure your dog in the tub, provide you with an apron to keep you dry, set you up with shampoo, and answer any questions you have before or during grooming.
  3. Dry and Brush your Dog
    • Once you have finished your bath we will help you get your dog down safely from the tub and into a drying station. Depending on the type of service purchased, each station is stocked with a forced air vacuum for drying, towels, brushes, eye/ear wipes, and cologne.


Additional individual add-ons include:

Eye Wipes     Ear Wipes     Bandana    Oatmeal Shampoo     Conditioner

Nails      Nail Filing     Flea Bath     Deskunk