Dog Walking & Playgroups

Servicing areas of South Dorchester we provide a range of services to fit your dog’s needs!

10 minute bathroom break – $13 (+$4 per dog in same household)

Great for puppies or senior dogs as a quick check-in and potty break.  We highly recommend this service for puppies under 6 months multiple times per day spaced 3-4 hours apart.

20 minute group walk – $18 (+$10 per dog in same household)

A walk with no more than 2 other dogs.  Dogs must have proper leash manners to be included in group walk for the safety of our staff and dogs

20 minute individual walk • $21 (+$10 per dog in same household)

A perfect option for dogs who need more one on one attention or does not always play well with other pups

35 minute playgroup – $22 per dog (+$15 per dog in same household)

For dogs who need more than just a walk, your dog will travel in one of our walker’s cars to our fenced in dog yard.  All dogs must be non-aggressive and travel well in cars.  This is our most sought after service so we have limited availability.

Professional Grooming

Our Professional Grooming is now under new management! Please call Alpha Dogs Pet Grooming for all of your haircut needs! 617 514 6745

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